About the Journal

Jurnal Hukum dan Keadilan is an academic publication that specifically focuses on issues of law, legislation, and principles of justice in the context of a country's legal system or in a global setting. The journal aims to encourage discussion, research and a better understanding of how law affects social, economic, political and cultural life, and how justice can be achieved through the legal system.

Journal content:

  1. Research Articles: The journal publishes research articles that address relevant law and justice topics. These articles include legal analysis, case studies, empirical research, and in-depth legal thinking.

  2. Law Review: The journal may also provide legal reviews of specific contemporary issues or legal developments. These reviews can provide a better understanding of the latest developments in law and regulation.

  3. Justice Overview: In addition to the legal aspects, this journal also includes discussions on justice. It covers ethical, philosophical, and social thinking about the principles of justice in the context of law and society.

  4. Case Analysis: The journal may include analysis of important legal cases, which provide insight into how certain legal decisions affect individuals, groups, or society more broadly.

  5. Opinions and Commentaries: The journal may also contain opinions and commentaries from legal experts, academics, or legal practitioners commenting on recent legal developments or controversial legal issues.

Purpose of the journal:

  • Promote a better understanding of the role of law in society.
  • Promoting research and critical thinking about law and justice.
  • Provide a platform for academics, legal practitioners, and legal thinkers to share their views and knowledge.

Jurnal Hukum dan Keadilan aims to be a valuable source of information for anyone interested in the study of law, public policy, ethics, and social issues related to law and justice.