Briefly, the steps are as follows:

  1. Manuscripts are submitted by the author;
  2. The initial review is carried out by the editor after the manuscript has been successfully submitted, the review includes the level of plagiarism, conformity to the template and conformity to the scope of the journal. The review process will take 5-10 working days. The editor has the right to reject the manuscript if the submitted manuscript does not comply with the provisions of the journal. Manuscripts that are rejected / receive revisions from the editor can be revised by the author and can be resubmitted no later than 3 months after the manuscript is rejected. If within the specified time the author does not resubmit the manuscript according to the editor's revision, the journal has the right to delete the article from the OJS system;
    At the pre review stage, a discussion will be held on the manuscript, if the manuscript is decided to be accepted, then the manuscript will enter the review stage. The review process will be carried out by two reviewers. The review process can take approximately one month;
  3. There are four options for editor decisions during the review process:
  • Accepted, the manuscript can proceed to the next stage;
  • Revision Required, the manuscript will proceed to the next stage after review by the editor;
  • Resubmit for Review, the manuscript will proceed to the next stage after the revision results are reviewed by the pre review;
  • Decline, for manuscripts that are declared unpublishable or rejected;
  1. Manuscripts that need revision and resubmit for review will be sent to the author for revision. The time period for revisions will be determined by the editor based on the nature of the revisions required. Revisions may be made more than once. A decision of acceptance or rejection will be made after the editor reviews the revisions. An acceptance letter will be issued once the manuscript is accepted. Once the manuscript is accepted, it will proceed to the editing process;
  2. The editing process includes copyediting and proofreading, which takes a maximum of 20 working days;
  3. Online publications can be viewed on the page HERE